Steven Land Big Knot Red Paisley Silk Tie Set-BW812-5
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This hand made 100% silk mens designer big knot tie & hanky set by Steven Land features a paisley pattern in red, blue and gold.  When you wear a Steven Land tie, everyone knows it's a Steven Land.

- The Big Knot by Steven Land

- Hand Made 100% Silk

- Matching Tie & Handkerchief Set

- Dry Clean

- BW812-5 Red


Steven Land has become one of the most recognizable haberdasheries in the world. Steven Land is known for being on the cutting edge of fashion and bringing to the industry the freshest ideas. Land is the originator of “The Big Knot” tie and the only tie house to be authorized by “Swarovski” to use its world-renowned crystals exclusively for Steven Land. Steven Land designs are all done in-house, using talented designers and artists. These associates select colors and design shells and fabrics unique to Steven Land.

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Steven Land Big Knot Red Paisley Silk Tie Set-BW812-5

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