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Philip Michael Fashion for Men is a leading men's apparel retailer in the Hampton Roads Area. Our ultimate goal is to provide our patrons with the means to dress for success, while maintaining a balance among fashion, sophistication and affordability. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell.

We have 5 stores in Virginia and one in North Carolina.

VA Stores:
2728 North Mall Drive #111 Virginia Beach, VA 23452 
phone # 757-226-9005

5731 Poplar Hall Drive Norfolk, VA 23502 
Phone# 757-461-0900

Chesapeake Square Mall, 4200 Portsmouth Blvd. #546B Chesapeake, VA 23321 
Phone # 757-488-5886

22 Coliseum Crossing, Hampton, VA 23666
Phone# 757-825-2655

12551 Jefferson Ave. Newport News, VA 23602 

Phone# 757-877-0030

NC Store:
1800 Skibo Road #324, Fayetteville, NC 28303
Phone# 910-860-8482


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to dress for a job interview
During an interview, the interviewer wants to talk and get to know you. Therefore, you want to make your dress as inconspicuous and non-offensive as possible. Keep in mind that your dress code should be dictated by the job you are seeking. You don’t want them focused on your attire instead of you!

The most appropriate suit to wear is a well pressed charcoal grey or navy solid. You should wear a white shirt with collar stays to ensure the collar lays flat against the shirt. Also, wear a dark colored tie (small patterns are fine) in a muted color such as blue or burgundy.

The shoes you wear should be polished dress shoes, preferably black with solid socks to match your suit.
How to I care for my garments
A good suit should last you a long time if you take care of it properly. Most people don’t understand that the chemical used to clean “dry-clean only” garments is a toxic solution that could ruin your clothing after many cleanings. However, because it is the only method of cleaning wool, silk and cashmere, it is advisable to only dry clean once or twice a season. In between cleanings, a quick pressing should release any wrinkles and spot clean when necessary.

A clothes brush is a great thing--brush your suit with one when you take it off to keep it clean and looking good. Hang your suit on a good wooden hanger that is made for suits and store it in a breathable garment bag for protection. Wool is a natural fiber and must breath to maintain its shape. Avoid crowding it in between lots of other clothes, which will cause it to wrinkle.
How to buy a quality dress shirt
1.  The fit of your dress shirt is important to your style and comfort so you should have a sales associate use a tape measure to determine your neck and sleeve measurement. It's a good idea to add an additional 1/2" to the neck measurement to allow for shrinkage. There are different styles of collars.
 -Point collars does not use buttons, but collar stays to keep it straight.

-Spread collars features a very wide opening between the points and also uses collar stays.

-Wing collars are worn with tuxedos and has small peaks to accommodate a bow tie.

-Button down collars are worn with sport coats or blazers and is usually found on sportshirts.

2. Your sleeve should come slightly past the wrist.  There are two types of cuffs.

-French cuffs are a more formal and require the use of cufflinks, not buttons.

-Barrel cuffs are found on everyday shirts and has buttons so you can adjust the fit.
Styles of Suit Jackets
You should consider two important factors when choosing a suit jacket. One is which style best suits your body type and personality and the other is the event where the jacket will be worn. Certain business and formal events require more classic or conservative styles and a high fashion suit would not be appropriate.

There are several options when selecting your suit jacket style. Suit jackets come in double breasted and single breasted styles. The single breasted suit jacket is available in two and three button styles. The two button and three button are classic styles and are suitable for any occasion.

The lapels can be “peak” or “notched” styles. Both notched and peak lapels can be found on single breasted jackets. Double breasted jackets usually have peaked lapels. Either is fine as long as the lapels lay flat and don’t buckle. You may also find a buttonhole in the lapel. This is intended for use of a boutonniere, a decorative flower.

The vent at the back of the jacket can come in three styles: a single vent in the center of the jacket, double vented with one on each side and ventless such as a dinner jacket. The vent is a convenient addition to the jacket especially when one needs to reach a pocket. The vent also helps improve the way a jacket hangs.